Thursday, January 9, 2014

Atlas Shrugged Movie Newsletter: 01.09.2014

Atlas Shrugged Movie Newsletter: 01.09.2014

"What I actually am, Mr. Rearden, is a policeman. It is a policeman's duty to protect men from criminals Рcriminals being those who seize wealth by force. ... But when robbery becomes the purpose of the law... then it is an outlaw who has to become a policeman." - Ragnar Danneskjöld

It's Official: RAGNAR IS BACK.

Ragnar Danneskjöld is returning from the rough seas for Atlas Shrugged Part III: Who is John Galt? and... you can help bring him to life.

Read more about Ragnar's return...


Be Part of Atlas Shrugged History

The “Atlas Shrugged: Who is John Galt?” production team is now accepting products for placement in the movie or to be used by the cast and crew during filming. Display your product, play an important role in the creation of Atlas Shrugged Part III, and receive a special “thanks” in the movie’s credits.

Take part in the making of Who is John Galt?


25% off the "Now, Non-Fiction" Hat

Watching the news and reading the headlines today, one can only come to the conclusion that Ayn Rand's prescient text is... now, non-fiction.
Are you in the know?

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Producer of the Week: LetsShrug

A top Gulch contributor week in and week out, the never bashful LetsShrug shares with us how she discovered Ayn Rand and how she hopes to use Objectivist values to shape the lives of the next generation.

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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Atlas Shrugged Movie Newsletter: 01.02.2014

Atlas Shrugged Movie Newsletter: 01.02.2014

"Men have been taught that it is a virtue to agree with others. But the creator is the man who disagrees." - Ayn Rand

Hot in the Gulch

A New Year's message...

Gulch Producer Eudaimonia commits to making 2014 "Happy, Productive, and Liberating." Read more...
- - - - -

Atlas Shrugged -- For Adults Only

Is Atlas Shrugged all-ages reading material? Gulch member Starlisa offers up an unexpected point of view. Read more...
- - - - -

Singapore gets me thinking

We often hear about what governments shouldn't do. Ringing in the New Year, Gulch member Jeremy asks what "governments SHOULD do." Read more....

Producer of the Week: Eudaimonia

Hailing from Connecticut, Rick Poach has been a mainstay in the Gulch since Atlas Shrugged Part 1. Rick takes a moment to share with us his appreciation for Ayn Rand as well as his latest Papa Possum verse (EXCLUSIVE).

Read Eudaimonia's featured profile now.


Happy New Year! 25% off the 20th Century Motor Hat!

There is only one Official Atlas Shrugged 20th Century Motor Hat - and this, is it.
Kick off 2014 with a wink and a nod and start a conversation.

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Atlas Shrugged Movie Newsletter: 12.18.2013

Atlas Shrugged Movie Newsletter: 12.18.2013

"One would have to be terribly depressed to resist the wonderful gaiety of [the Christmas] spectacle." - Ayn Rand


This position reports directly to the President of the Atlas Distribution Company in assisting with the production and distribution of Atlas Shrugged Part 3: "Who is John Galt?" Were you inspired by Atlas?

Read the full job description and apply now.


NEW: Featured Producer of the Week

Each week, we'll be profiling a top contributing Galt's Gulch Online Producer. Our first is Kaila Halling, better known as khalling, one of our most active contributors and coauthor of the novel Pendulum of Justice.

Read khaliing's featured profile now.


PRODUCERS ONLY: Atlas Shrugged Part 3: Behind the Scenes

We managed to get a few pictures and some video of a couple of the places we looked at during a location scout last week. The jaw-droppingly beautiful locations are sure to please even the most orthodox Atlas fan.

Sign up as a Gulch Producer now for access to the Location Scout footage

Act fast. There are very few left and once they're gone... they're gone.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Atlas Shrugged Movie Newsletter: 12.03.2013

Atlas Shrugged Movie Newsletter: 12.03.2013

"The charming aspect of Christmas is the fact that it expresses good will in a cheerful, happy, benevolent, non-sacrificial way. One says: “Merry Christmas”—not “Weep and Repent.” And the good will is expressed in a material, earthly form—by giving presents to one’s friends, or by sending them cards in token of remembrance . . . ." - Ayn Rand

Hot in the Gulch

Newly released Ayn Rand interview

Most of us have seen the Mike Wallace or Phil Donahue interviews of Ayn Rand. But what about James Day? Shot in the early 1970s, Ayn was still as sharp as ever in her late 60s. Watch now...

- - - - -

A Randian Christmas Carol

Gulch member Hiraghm ponders, "what would an 'Objectivist' Christmas Carol look like?" Read more...
- - - - -

Ahhhhh, Pie!

Gulch Producer Nonmoochingartist shared some of her "warm out of the oven" Thanksgiving apple and pumpkin pies with the Gulch. Salivate now...

Galt's Gulch Online Yearly Memberships Now Available!

We heard you load and clear and are very happy to finally announce Galt's Gulch Online yearly memberships.
More about the Gulch Producer Membership
The Galt's Gulch Producer Membership includes access to special "Producers Only" events, including private Q&A sessions with the Atlas Shrugged Production crew, regular discounts on official movie merchandise, special Producers only invites for new features and content plus, you get a shiny Producer badge to proudly wear in the Gulch.
Here’s a sampling of past Producers Only content
- Atlas Shrugged Part 3 Script Pages Released
- Atlas Shrugged Part 3 Producer Harmon Kaslow Q&A
- Ayn Rand's Handwritten Notes
- Win the REAL 20th Century Motors Hat from Atlas Shrugged 2
- Atlas Shrugged Part 3 Screenwriter Duncan Scott Q&A
Sign up today and get 10% OFF the new 2013 Collector's Item Atlas Shrugged Christmas Tree Ornaments.

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Atlas Shrugged Black Friday Starts Today

"[Thanksgiving] is a producers’ holiday. The lavish meal is a symbol of the fact that abundant consumption is the result and reward of production." - Ayn Rand
Everyday leading up to our HUGE 25%-off-everything Black Friday, the Gulch Store will feature 2 incredible deals on our best sellers...

On Sale Tuesday - 50% OFF

On Sale Wednesday - 40% OFF

On Sale Thursday - 30% OFF

On Sale Friday - 25% OFF

25% off everything in the Gulch Store!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Atlas Shrugged Part 3 is well underway and we couldn't be happier with its progress and the support we continue to receive from fans all over the world. From all of us at Atlas Shrugged, we thank you for your continued support and we wish you all a happy and healthy Thanksgiving.
John Aglialoro
Producer, Atlas Shrugged

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Atlas Shrugged Movie Newsletter: 11.21.2013

Atlas Shrugged Movie Newsletter: 11.21.2013

"Contrary to the fanatical belief of its advocates, compromise [on basic principles] does not satisfy, but dissatisfies everybody; it does not lead to general fulfillment, but to general frustration..." - Ayn Rand

Hot in the Gulch

How Badly Does Modern Collectivism Hurt You?

Gulch Producer CircuitGuy asks "How bad is collectivism today?" Read more...
- - - - -

Venezuela jails 100 'bourgeois' businessmen in crackdown

According to President Nicolas Maduro, businessmen arebad, "They are barbaric, these capitalist parasites!" Read more....
- - - - -

Father Amadeus: Confessor to the Taggart Family

Gulch Producer MikeMarotta unearths that Ayn Rand included a Priest in her original outline for Atlas Shrugged.Read more...

Atlas Shrugged 1 & 2 Now Available for UK Download

To our friends across the pond, we made it! Atlas Shrugged part 1 & 2 are now available for download on iTunes UK.

Download Atlas Shrugged Part 1 Now

Download Atlas Shrugged Part 2 Now


Atlas Shrugged Black Friday Starts Tuesday!

Midas Mulligan's Black Friday Sale is coming next week. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for next Tuesday's newsletter.
Check out the store now to get ready and, stay tuned.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Atlas Shrugged Movie Newsletter: 11.14.2013

Atlas Shrugged Movie Newsletter: 11.14.2013

"What is the basic, the essential, the crucial principle that differentiates freedom from slavery? It is the principle of voluntary action versus physical coercion or compulsion." - Ayn Rand

Hot in the Gulch

A photo that says it all

Gulch Producer Non_mooching_artist stirred the pot pretty hard this week resulting in 200+ comments. WARNING: Explicit Language. Check it out...
- - - - -

Death of a Libertarian

Gulch Producer Maphesdus has a big issue with Ayn Rand's philosophy. Not surprisingly, more than a few Gulch Producers disagree. Jump into the debate....
- - - - -

Is Libertarianism Compatible With Religion?

Gulch Producer minniepuck spawned some great back and forth with a not too uncommon question. Read more.

NEW! Author Signed Books Now Available

Inspired and influenced by Ayn Rand, we are very proud to now offer signed editions of works by authors Donald Luskin (I am John Galt), Mark Henderson (The Soul of Atlas), and David Kelley (Unrugged Indivisualism).

Get your signed copy of these great books now.


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The new Atlas Shrugged Merchandise Facebook page is completely devoted to introducing new products and offering regular discounts and coupons.

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Extra! Extra! (Producers Only)

ASP3 is coming and the New John Galt Interested Cards are HERE!

Gulch Producer LetsShrug just had some new beautiful leave-behind cards made. Get in on the action.