Thursday, February 16, 2017

Atlas Shrugged Newsletter: 02.16.17

Atlas Shrugged Newsletter: 02.16.17

"Love is not self-sacrifice, but the most profound assertion of your own needs and values. It is for your own happiness that you need the person you love, and that is the greatest compliment, the greatest tribute you can pay to that person." - Ayn Rand

NEW VIDEO: Dagny Taggart: Draw My Life

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 3.31.58 PM
Who is Dagny Taggart? The Atlas Society has just released a NEW video featuring Atlas Shrugged heroine, Dagny Taggart.

Watch the video in Galt's Gulch Online now.


AUCTION: Signed Atlas Shrugged "Heroic Love" Poster

2017 02 16 Poster Auction
When asked by film producer Albert Ruddy if an Atlas Shruggedscreenplay could focus on the love story, Ayn Rand said, "That's all it ever was."
The "Heroic Love" movie poster, designed for the conclusion of the Atlas Shrugged Trilogy, celebrates that love.
Signed by actors and producers of the film at the Atlas Shrugged Part 3 premiere in 2014, this incredibly rare poster is a true collector's item.
Very few of these posters exist. Don't miss your chance to own this beautiful piece of Atlas Shrugged history.

Read more about the poster and place your bid now.


Thursday, February 2, 2017

Atlas Shrugged Newsletter: 02.02.17

Atlas Shrugged Newsletter: 02.02.17

"America's inner contradiction was the altruist-collectivist ethics. Altruism is incompatible with freedom, with capitalism and with individual rights. One cannot combine the pursuit of happiness with the moral status of a sacrificial animal." - Ayn Rand

TONIGHT: Watch Atlas Shrugged Part 1 LIVE

film countdown 3


Tonight, pop some popcorn and celebrate Ayn Rand's birthday by tuning in to watch Atlas Shrugged Part 1 and chat live with Producer Harmon Kaslow and Associate Producer Scott DeSapio.

Head to Galt's Gulch now for details.


NEW VIDEO: Hank Rearden: Draw My Life

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 9.21.57 AM
Explore the life of one of Ayn Rand's most beloved characters, Henry "Hank" Rearden, in this new video from The Atlas Society.

Watch the video in Galt's Gulch Online.


SAVE: 25% Off "Read Rand" T-shirt

To celebrate Ayn Rand's birthday, the "Read Rand" t-shirt is 25% off!
Tired of wasting your breath arguing with people who just don't get it?
Don this t-shirt and point to it each time your looter-progressive neighbor/relative/co-worker opens his or her mouth.

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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Atlas Shrugged Newsletter: 01.26.17

Atlas Shrugged Newsletter: 01.26.17

"A criminal is presumed to be innocent until he is proved guilty. Only businessmen - the producers, the providers, the supporters, the Atlases who carry our whole economy on their shoulders - are regarded as guilty by nature and are required to prove their innocence... " - Ayn Rand

Ayn Rand’s Birthday is next Thursday!

Join Atlas Shrugged movie Producer Harmon Kaslow and Associate Producer Scott DeSapio next Thursday to celebrate Ayn Rand's birthday!
Tune in February 2nd, watch Atlas Shrugged Part 1 for free, and chat live with Harmon and Scott while you watch!

Head to Galt's Gulch now for details.

2016 03 24-fire.png

Hot in the Gulch!

Although he's been in office for less than a week, President Trumps' actions (and those of his opposers) have certainly managed to stir up the Gulch!

President Trump's Inauguration Speech

What did you think of the President's inauguration speech? Read the whole speech and weigh in. READ MORE.
- - - - -

Climate Change Is Deleted From White House Web Site

"At noon, at the instant Donald Trump took office, the page [on climate change] was gone, as well as any mention of climate change or global warming." READ MORE.
- - - - -

SNL writer tweets 10 year old Trump will be first homeschooled shooter

The attacks on Trump are no longer limited to Trump.... READ MORE.
2015 07 07-hat

BACK IN STOCK: 20th Century Motor Corporation Cap

"He stood like a man who knew that he was right. 'I will put an end to this, once and for all,' he said ... 'I will stop the motor of the world.' "
Show the world what you stand for (or won't stand for) with the official Atlas Shrugged 20th Century Motor Corporation cap.

Get your cap now... before they sell out again!


Saturday, December 31, 2016

Atlas Shrugged Newsletter: 12.31.16

Atlas Shrugged Newsletter: 12.31.16

"An inventor is a man who asks 'Why?' of the universe and lets nothing stand between the answer and his mind." - Ayn Rand

2016 Galt's Gulch Year In Review

As 2016 draws to a close, join us in looking back at some of the familiar faces and hottest topics of the year.

Most Active Gulch Members

1.) Olduglycarl - 4,317 posts and comments
2.) term2 - 4,040 posts and comments
3.) Herb7734 - 3,917 posts and comments

Most Upvoted Gulch Members

1.) freedomforall - 5,769 upvotes
2.) Herb7734 - 5,625 upvotes
3.) allosaur - 5,370 upvotes

Most Viewed Gulch Posts

1.) What is a LEPO? - 12,728 page views
2.) Socialism, communism, fascism, nazism...and cows - 7,216 page views
3.) "The Strike" - 5,131 page views

Most Commented Gulch Posts

1.) Ted Cruz does not endorse Trump Based on Principles - 355 comments
2.) The God Question - 348 comments
3.) "What Is Easter?" - 310 comments


As a token of our appreciation, get an authentic signed Atlas Shrugged Part 2 film reel for FREE, just pay shipping!
2016 11 23 Film Cans
These are the actual film reels used in theaters for the theatrical release of Atlas Shrugged Part 2. Hurry! There aren’t many left.

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LAST CHANCE: WIJG Silver Medallion

Don't miss your chance to own this pure silver medallion featuring "Who is John Galt?" on one side and Galt's Gulch on the other.
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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Atlas Shrugged Newsletter: 12.07.16

ONE MORE TIME: Atlas Shrugged Mystery Boxes!

They were such a hit, we've put together another 20 limited edition mystery boxes BURSTING at the seams with official Atlas Shrugged merchandise and collectibles, including signed memorabilia, posters, and more!
2016 12 08 Mystery Box
Each box is worth over $500, but act quick and you can snag one this weekend for just $99.95 + shipping! But you'll have to hurry. Again, once they're gone, they're gone.
2016 12 08 Capitalism Glass

NEW: Enjoy Capitalism Glass

This holiday season, kick back and enjoy the fruits of your labor with the brand new "Enjoy Capitalism" glass.
This glass makes a great gift for the capitalist in your life as well as a great conversation starter at any holiday party.

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Friday, November 25, 2016

Atlas Shrugged Black Friday Sale

blackFriday 2016

"[Thanksgiving] is a producers’ holiday. The lavish meal is a symbol of the fact that abundant consumption is the result and reward of production." - Ayn Rand

Midas Mulligan's Black Friday Sale Starts NOW!

Why subject yourself to long lines and crazy crowds when you can stay home and snag official Atlas Shrugged merchandise for up to 75% off?!
2016 02 16-Hooide

Wednesday (11.23)

▪ $3 off short sleeve t-shirts including ladies*
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Thursday (11.24) 

▪ 60% off Who is John Galt? Tie
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Friday (11.25)

▪ 50% off Atlas Shrugged Trilogy Filmcell
▪ 62% off Rand's Atlas Canvas Painting*​*

Saturday (11.26)

▪ 30% off Rearden Metal Bracelet
▪ 50% off Atlas Holiday Greeting Cards

* Use coupon code BLACKFRIDAY at checkout
*​* Doorbuster deal - limited to 10
2016 11 23 Film Cans

Don't Forget Cyber Monday

Did you think Midas was done? Not even close! Don't miss out on this final set of deals in honor of Cyber Monday.

Monday (11.28)

▪ 75% off ASP2 Film Reel - LAST CHANCE!
▪ 40% off Classic Enjoy Capitalism T-shirt

BONUS: More Awesome Free Gulch Stuff With EVERY Order!

As a special thank you, every order placed between Wednesday (11.23) and Monday (11.28) will come with some free additional goodies including:
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▪ Bookmarks
▪ Stickers

Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 18, 2016

Atlas Shrugged's Friday Before Black Friday Event

Atlas Shrugged's Friday Before Black Friday Event

"Capitalism is not the system of the past; it is the system of the future - if mankind is to have a future." - Ayn Rand
2016 11 18 Mystery Box

The Atlas Shrugged Mystery Box!?

We've put together 20 limited edition mystery boxes BURSTING at the seams with official Atlas Shrugged merchandise and collectibles, including signed memorabilia, posters, jewelry, and more!
Each box is worth over $500, but act quick and you can snag one this weekend for just $99.95 including FREE shipping! But you'll have to hurry. Once they're gone, they're gone.

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PRODUCERS ONLY: Black Friday Sneak Peek

PSST! Gulch Producers get a sneak peek at next week's Midas Mulligan's Black Friday Sale right NOW!

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