Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Atlas Shrugged Newsletter: 12.11.18

Atlas Shrugged Newsletter: 12.11.18

"The charming aspect of Christmas is the fact that it expresses good will in a cheerful, happy, benevolent, non-sacrificial way. One says: 'Merry Christmas' - not 'Weep and repent.'" - Ayn Rand
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WATCH: Draw My Life Videos, Nathaniel Branden Lectures, and Much More!

2018 08 30 Atlas Society - Money is the root 2
300 channels and nothing to watch? We hear ya!
Have you checked out The Atlas Society website? Okay, they don't have a cable or satellite channel (yet!), but they do have a pretty exciting entertainment lineup... oh, and it's all free.
The Atlas Society series and webinars include the:
Anthem: The Graphic Novel video series
Draw My Life video series
Socialism: Impractical & Immoral webinar
Truth & Toleration webinar series
Pocket Guide to Objectivism
Nathaniel Branden lectures

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