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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Atlas Shrugged Newsletter: 11.12.15

Atlas Shrugged Newsletter: 11.12.15

”The source of the government’s authority is “the consent of the governed.” This means that the government is not the ruler, but the servant or agent of the citizens…” Ayn Rand
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Hot in the Gulch!

A new element discovered!

From Gulch Producer Susanne: "The Galt School of Chemical Research at Patrick Henry University has announced the discovery of the densest element yet known to science.
- - - - -

How about a movie about Atlas Shrugged fans.

From Gulch Producer richrobinson: "We talked for a while and I realized how often fans of Atlas Shrugged or Ayn Rand are relieved and pleased to find like minds. I started thinking that with the right creative minds that this would make a great movie.READ MORE.

Atlas Shrugged Partners with Proud Producers

We are very proud to announce that there’s a new source for official Atlas Shrugged merchandise:”When we were looking for an official reseller, Proud Producers was an obvious choice. They have a long history of supporting capitalism and Atlas Shrugged...” - Scott DeSapio.

Read the full press release in Galt’s Gulch.


To celebrate the occasion, save 40% on the WIJG License Plate Frame!

Ride in style and spread the word with the Who is John Galt? license plate frame from Proud Producers. Plus, get a free WIJG bumper sticker!

Get your WIJG license plate frame and bumper sticker now.

2015 11 12 Dagny-Shirt

NEW: Official Atlas Shrugged Trilogy Prop Auctions on eBay

4 new props from the Atlas Shrugged movie trilogy are up for auction on eBay.
This week’s featured item is:
Dagny Taggart's flannel shirt from Galt's Gulch.
We're nearly out of props so don’t miss your chance to own a piece of Atlas Shrugged history!

Check out the 4 new Atlas Shrugged movie props and start bidding now.

2015 11 12-Pendulum of Justice

Extra: Pendulum of Justice on Sale This Week for $0.99

The Gulch's own DBHalling and KHalling make up the husband and wife author team of DK Halling.
With two high tech start-ups going gangbusters, former cyber warrior Hank Rangar has finally “made” it. His lab, “Made By Man,” has revolutionized cardiac procedures, potentially saving millions of lives and billions of dollars. But, the most important person in his life is very sick and his technology is suddenly stolen. Hank discovers two things: This lifesaving procedure may be the only way to save his sister AND Big Washington will stop at nothing to bury it.

Get the Pendulum of Justice eBook now for only $.99.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Region Free DVDs, Blu-ray, Canada, and Affiliates

Thanks to all of you who pre-ordered the DVD this past week. We couldn't be happier with the response and, just like you, we can't wait for the DVDs to start shipping.

As a reminder, November 8th is the day they start hitting doorsteps.



Region Free DVDs, Blu-ray, and... Canada

Region Free DVDs

Some great news for our International friends - all Atlas Shrugged Special Edition DVDs will now be "Region Free" with the ability to be played in any locale... on any player. And yes, almost all DVD players sold in PAL countries are capable of playing both NTSC and PAL discs. Order at will.

Coming to Blu-Ray

Along with the DVD, the Blu-Ray is now set for a November 8th release and delivery. We'll be taking pre-orders within the next couple of weeks.

Ohhhhh Canada

To our friends in the North we say "I swear by my life..." Check out Variety's quick pickup on Atlas coming to Canada.


Value for Value of the week

Own a piece of Atlas Shrugged history. This beautifully framed 18.25" x 9.25" Collector's item includes 6 film cells cut from the actual theatrical release reels of Atlas Shrugged. Optionally get yours signed by Producers Harmon Kaslow and John Aglialoro to add the perfect final touch.

Once the film cells are gone, they're gone. Order while you can.



Got a BLOG? Earn.

Earn a 20% commission when your readers "Shop the Gulch." With an average order value of $38+, the Atlas Affiliate Program promises an absolute Value for Value exchange. Sign up now, grab your links and get started.

Sign up for the Atlas Affiliate Program now.

I sear by my life.