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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Atlas Shrugged Newsletter: 05.19.16

Atlas Shrugged Newsletter: 05.19.16

"Do not wait for a national audience. Speak on any scale open to you, large or small—to your friends, your associates, your professional organizations, or any legitimate public forum. You can never tell when your words will reach the right mind at the right time. You will see no immediate results—but it is of such activities that public opinion is made." - Ayn Rand

GULCH MEMBERS ONLY: Save $100 on the Atlas Summit and FreedomFest

Going to FF
This July, the Atlas Summit and FreedomFest are taking Las Vegas by storm.
Speakers include Dr. David Kelley, Matt Kibbe, Senator Rand Paul, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Dinesh D'Souza, and many more.
Don't miss these two amazing events, together for the first time!

Become a Galt’s Gulch member and get your discount code now.


"I Agree with Bernie Sanders... " 

A self-declared socialist is successfully vying for the Presidency. A reality television star is the presumed Republican nominee. And, Liberty movement leader Matt Kibbe has declared that he agrees with Bernie Sanders!?
Matt! Say it ain't so!
Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 10.04.40 PM
Our longtime friend Matt Kibbe has been busy lately turning on lightbulbs. Check out his awesome new soapbox at

Watch Matt Kibbe's video and share your opinion in Galt's Gulch Online.


NEW: "SHRUG" T-shirt

Freshen up your wardrobe with the newest Atlas inspired t-shirt.
This killer new t-shirt, features Atlas struggling with the weight of the world.
What would you tell him to do?
Also available in custom colors, a ladies cut tee, hoodie, polo shirt, and more.

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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Atlas Shrugged Newsletter: 04.28.16

Atlas Shrugged Newsletter: 04.28.16

"If a mother buys food for her hungry child rather than a hat for herself, it is not a sacrifice: she values the child higher than the hat." - Ayn Rand
2016 01 07 Vegas

The 2016 Atlas Summit Is HOT

The Atlas Summit, the world’s premier conference dedicated to celebrating Ayn Rand's ideas, is just 75 days away... in Vegas!

Register by May 1st and save $100.

BONUS: Celebrate liberty at this year's FreedomFest at no additional charge when you register for the Atlas Summit now!

Read more about this year's Atlas Summit in the Gulch.

2016 03 24-fire.png

Hot in the Gulch

Ethics of Representative

Do delegates have an ethical obligation to stand by the candidate they were elected to vote for? WEIGH IN.
- - - - -


Gulch member kategladstone is turned off by some campaign materials she received from one candidate.  READ MORE.
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ESPN Fires Curt Schilling after Facebook Post

What does baseball, public bathrooms, and Facebook have to do with each other? FIND OUT.
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Mother's Day is May 8th. Celebrate Your Heroines.

Bracelet FINAL front EDITED  42641.1406368734.1280.1280

Save 30% on the Galt's Gulch Coin Bracelet

This Mother’s Day don’t forget to celebrate the women that inspire you the most.
In honor of this special day, we’re offering this charming bracelet featuring an exact replica of the gold coin used in Atlas Shrugged: Who is John Galt? at a special low price.

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NEW: Dangerous Freedom Ladies' Tee

"I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery." - Thomas Jefferson
Just in time for Mother's Day, get this new ladies' t-shirt featuring Thomas Jefferson's famous quote in the original Latin.

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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Atlas Shrugged Newsletter: 04.14.16

Atlas Shrugged Newsletter: 04.14.16

"The American businessmen, as a class, have demonstrated the greatest productive genius and the most spectacular achievements ever recorded in the economic history of mankind."- Ayn Rnad

RIP Ed Snider: 1933-2016

Ed Snider, Executive Producer of Atlas Shrugged Part 1, died Monday, April 11, 2016.
A personal friend of Atlas Shrugged Producer John Aglialoro, Ed Snider was an entrepreneur and Objectivist who embodied the Randian hero. His presence in our community and the world as a whole will be greatly missed.
Photo EdSnider PressConference

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Atlas Shrugged Newsletter: 03.24.16

Atlas Shrugged Newsletter: 03.24.16

"...the Constitution is a limitation on the government, not on private individuals - that it does not prescribe the conduct of private individuals, only the conduct of the government - that it is not a charter for government power, but a charter of the citizens' protection against the government." - Ayn Rand
2016 03 24-fire.png

Hot in the Gulch!

What do Presidential hopeful Donald Trump, giant rabbits, and Islam have in common? Give up? They're all scorching hot topics in the Gulch right now. Check it out....

Donald Trump, what a great businessman!

Freedomforall shares an article about Donald Trump's business ventures and the Gulch explodes.  READ MORE.
- - - - -

What Is Easter?

As the holiday approaches, Producer Herb7734 asks how exactly religion, chocolate eggs, and 6 foot tall rabbits got all tangled together. READ MORE.
- - - - -

Is Islamaphobia Irrational?

Herb7734 poses the conclusion, "Since a phobia is described as an irrational fear, Islamaphobia becomes an oxymoron." READ MORE.
2016 03 24-Ayn-Rand.png

PRODUCERS ONLY: And Now a Few Words from Ayn Rand

In need of a little inspiration? Ayn Rand can help with that.
We're giving Galt's Gulch Producers an exclusive look at Ayn Rand's notes for The Age of Mediocrity.
Enjoy 35 pages of handwritten notes from this epic speech given at Ford Hall in 1981.

Become a Gulch Producer and read Ayn Rand's notes now.

2016 03 24-t-shirt

Save 20% on the "Nobody Owes You a Thing!" T-shirt

Come on, admit it, there are people who you've desperatelywanted to say this to... and now you can with a little help from Proud Producers.

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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Atlas Shrugged Newsletter: 03.03.16

Atlas Shrugged Newsletter: 03.03.16

"One of the methods used by statist to destroy capitalism consists in establishing controls that tie a given industry hand and foot, making it unable to solve its problems, then declaring that freedom has failed and stronger controls are necessary." - Ayn Rand
Jag White Dress

New Atlas Society CEO Announced!

"On March 1st, The Atlas Society welcomed Jennifer Anju Grossman as its new CEO."
The former Dole Food Company Sr VP, Cato Institute Director of Education, and speechwriter for President George H. W. Bush could easily be mistaken for a real-life Dagny Taggart. Join us in welcoming her to the Atlas Society!

Read the full press release and see what Gulchers are saying in Galt's Gulch.


WATCH: No Greater Love

Atlas Distribution is conducting an online test screening of a new documentary, No Greater Love, next Friday, March 11th.
madmimi ngl
No Greater Love tells the story of one man's quest to share the common principle fueling all soldiers in combat: Love.

Sign up now for your chance to test screen No Greater Love.

akston mug  78427.1409852917.1280.1280

SAVE 20% on the Akston Diner Mug

Akston Diner: More coffee, less government
Need a stiff drink after Super Tuesday? Enjoy it out of a mug from your favorite diner, Akston Diner.
This week only save 20% on the official Akston Diner mug.

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REMINDER: Take the Atlas Summit Survey

The 2016 Atlas Summit at FreedomFest is fast approaching, and the Galt's Gulch team is kicking around ideas for in-person and online events that might take place during the summit.

Take a quick survey and tell us what you'd like to see.


Thursday, February 18, 2016

Atlas Shrugged Newsletter: 02.18.16

Atlas Shrugged Newsletter: 02.18.16

"Love is the expression of one's values, the greatest reward you can earn for the moral qualities you have achieved in your character and person, the emotional price paid by one man for the joy he receives from the virtues of another." - Ayn Rand

Live from Vegas? You Tell Us!

The 2016 Atlas Summit at FreedomFest is fast approaching, and the Galt's Gulch team is kicking around ideas for in-person and online events that might take place during the summit.

Take a quick survey and tell us what you'd like to see.

2016 02 16-FilmCans.png

THIS IS IT: The Final Atlas Shrugged Auctions Are Live!

The last set of props from the Atlas Shrugged movie trilogy are up for auction now.
The final featured items are signed film cans from ASP1.
Don't miss your LAST CHANCE to own a piece of authentic Atlas Shrugged history!
2016 02 16-Hooide

Featured Product: "Enjoy Capitalism" Hoodie

Enjoy it [capitalism] while you still can.
Make a statement with this vibrant hoodie, now available in 7 colors.
Hurry, before it's [capitalism] all gone.:(

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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Atlas Shrugged Newsletter: 02.04.16

Atlas Shrugged Newsletter: 02.04.16

"The question... isn't who is going to let me, it's who is going to stop me." - Ayn Rand

Happy Birthday Ayn Rand!

2016 02 04 Happy Birthday
February 2nd marked what would have been Ayn Rand's 111th birthday.
As we continue to see her predictions play out on the nightly news, Ayn Rand is perhaps even more relevant today then when she was alive.
So, let's take a moment to celebrate the woman who brought us all together by wishing her a happy birthday in Galt's Gulch Online.

Share your favorite Rand quote and say, "Happy birthday Ayn Rand!"

2016 02 04 T-Shirt

Available For a LIMITED TIME Only

"The question... isn't who is going to let me, it's who is going to stop me."
Ayn Rand didn't live her life based on the opinion of others. And, neither should you. With that in mind, we bring you this new exclusive t-shirt to celebrate Rand's birthday.
Order yours today as this t-shirt will only be available during the month of February!

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NEW: Official Atlas Shrugged Trilogy Prop Auctions on eBay

4 new props from the Atlas Shrugged movie trilogy are up for auction on eBay now.
This week’s featured item:
Who is John Galt protest sign!
With only 1 set of props left to auction, time is running out for you to own a piece of Atlas Shrugged history. Hurry, and place your bid today.

Check out the 4 props and start bidding now.

2016 01 27-Valentine s-Day

Last week to order for Valentine's Day!

Show that special capitalist in your life how much you care with a beautiful Atlas Shrugged inspired gift.
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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Atlas Shrugged Newsletter: 01.07.16

story board

Atlas Shrugged Newsletter: 01.07.16

"Capitalism has been called a system of greed - yet it is the system that raised the standard of living of its poorest citizens to heights no collectivist system has ever begun to equal, and no tribal gang can conceive of." - Ayn Rand

Dear Vegas, Here We Come.

The Atlas Summit is back for 2016, and it's bigger and better than ever! This year’s conference will be held in Las Vegas and will serve as the kickoff for FreedomFest, the world’s largest gathering of free minds.
2016 01 07 Vegas
Register by January 15th and you’ll get the early bird special ($100 off) plus entrance to FreedomFest at no additional charge!

Read more about the Summit and register now in the Gulch.

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 5.27.27 PM

PRODUCERS ONLY: Read Ayn Rand’s Handwritten “Either Or” Notes

What better way to start 2016 than with never before released Atlas Shrugged material?
Galt’s Gulch Producers are invited to dive into one of the original Atlas Shrugged screenplays with Ayn Rand’s handwritten outline of “Either-Or”, the second part of Atlas Shrugged.

Become a Gulch Producer and be among the first to read Rand’s handwritten outline.


Save 20% on the “Property of Nobody” T-shirt

The doctrine that “human rights” are superior to “property rights” simply means that some human beings have the right to make property out of others ... Whoever regards this as human and right, has no right to the title of “human.” - Ayn Rand
Tell the world where you stand.

Customize your “Property of Nobody” t-shirt now.

2016 01 07 Plaque

NEW: Official Atlas Shrugged Trilogy Prop Auctions on eBay

The Atlas Shrugged eBay auctions return in 2016 with a bang!
This week’s featured item is a plaque from ASP1 that was in Rearden's office. It features a Howard Roark quote from The Fountainhead.
Any of these 4 authentic props would make a great addition to an Atlas fan's collection!

Check out the 4 new Atlas Shrugged movie props and start bidding now.