Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Atlas Shrugged Newsletter: 06.05.13; Celebrate Your Ideal Man this Father's Day; The Search for Galt Continues

Atlas Shrugged Newsletter: June 5th, 2013

“There is nothing to take a man's freedom away from him, save other men.” - Ayn Rand

Make June 16th a Producer's Father's Day

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"It stands – as the money of a free country – for achievement, for success, for ability, for man's creative power – and, precisely for these reasons, it is used as a brand of infamy....It stands for the United States." - Owen Kellogg
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1950 Lionel Model Train Featured in Atlas Shrugged 2 Can Be Yours

James Taggart might not have been able to run a transcontinental railroad but, his taste in toy trains remained unmatched.
On June 27th, one of our Galt's Gulch Online Producers is going to win James Taggart's very own Lionel 6110 Model Locomotive circa 1950 that was featured on his desk in the film, Atlas Shrugged Part II.

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ASP3 Update: John Galt is Coming

Last week we asked you to join us in a discussion regarding the actor who will eventually play John Galt. Your response was tremendous, yielding 800+ comments, and we've already put the feelers out to a couple of the John Galts you suggested.
Our quest for the perfect John Galt... is officially underway.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Atlas Shrugged II Director's Mother, Jean Stapleton, Passes Away

Jean Stapleton, mother of Atlas Shrugged Part II Director, John Putch, died Friday at the age of 90.

“Our hearts are with John. His mother was an inspiration to all of us.“ said Atlas Shrugged Producer Harmon Kaslow.

Although Jean was 48 when she became famous as Edith Bunker in "All in the Family," by the time that landmark sitcom premiered in 1971, she had been already acting for 30 years on the stage, in movies and on television.

The son of renowned actress Jean Stapleton and the late producer/director William H. Putch, John Putch is often referred to as an independent film maverick.  One of his first indie efforts, "Valerie Flake," landed him at the '99 Sundance Film Festival and was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award.

Recent stories on Jean Stapleton:
Jean Stapleton was the sum of many parts: An appreciation

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Atlas Shrugged Newsletter: 05.05.13; The REAL Jeff Allen 20th Century Motors Cap

Atlas Shrugged Newsletter: May 5th, 2013

"The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident which everybody has decided not to see." - Ayn Rand

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Gulch Producers Only: The REAL Jeff Allen 20th Century Motors Cap

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Atlas Shrugged Part III Production Diary: 04.29.13

A quick message from Atlas Shrugged Producers John Aglialoro & Harmon Kaslow: "This is for the movement... this is for the lovers of the book..." Watch now.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Atlas Shrugged Newsletter: 04.12.13; Dinner with the Iron Lady

Atlas Shrugged Newsletter: April 12th, 2013

"...government is not the owner of the citizens’ income and, therefore, cannot hold a blank check on that income." - Ayn Rand

A "Delightful" Dinner with The Iron Lady

In 1995, Atlas Shrugged movie Producer, John Aglialoro had dinner with Margaret Thatcher. As you may guess, Atlas made its way to the table. Find out what John asked the Prime Minister and how she responded...

Read John's Dinner with Mrs. Thatcher story now.


One more week until you get to ask Part 3 Screenwriter Duncan ScottANYTHING.

Join us 4PM ET on April 18th at for a "Producers Only" event featuring Atlas Shrugged Part III screenwriter, Duncan Scott.

Duncan will be answering your questions and providing insight into the script adaptation of Part III in this very exclusive Galt's Gulch Online event. Post comments, tell Duncan what you think, ask questions, and engage one-on-one on all things Atlas and Ayn Rand.

Sign up as a Producer in the Gulch now.

Read more about the Duncan Scott event now.


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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Atlas Shrugged Part 3 Heads Into Production

Atlas Shrugged Part 3 to Begin Principal Photography Fall 2013 

Los Angeles, CA - March 26, 2013 - Today, Atlas Productions, LLC officially announced that “Atlas Shrugged Part 3”, the third and final installment of the Atlas Shrugged movie trilogy, has been officially greenlit with principal photography to begin later this year.

The movie trilogy follows the three-part structure of Ayn Rand’s epic 1957 novel, ATLAS SHRUGGED. Atlas Shrugged Part 3 takes place in a near future dystopian United States with the nation's economy quickly approaching collapse. While overreaching government regulations persist in strangling the country's few remaining entrepreneurs, society’s most productive continue to mysteriously disappear. One man has the answer. Some will stop at nothing to control him. Others will stop at nothing to save him. Who is John Galt?

The producers have tapped four time Emmy® award-winner, Duncan Scott as the film’s screenwriter along with Brian O’Toole. Long before working on Atlas Shrugged Part 2, Scott worked extensively with Ayn Rand on the restoration and editing of the classic motion picture “We the Living”, based on Rand’s novel of the same title.

“We’re thrilled to have Duncan and Brian back. Having sat shoulder-to-shoulder with Rand, no one else could do what Duncan can when it comes to adapting Atlas. His unmatched experience and his incredible depth of knowledge regarding Atlas are absolutely invaluable,” stated Producer John Aglialoro.

Aglialoro’s company produced and distributed Parts 1 and 2, and has set a USA theatrical release for Part 3 in the Summer of 2014. Parts 1 and 2 are now available on DVD, BluRay and are available for internet download.

Producer Harmon Kaslow said, “Our number one goal with Part 3 is to pull the prescient message of Atlas off of the page and project it clearly onto the screen. Ayn Rand drew incredibly sharp archetypes with stark backdrops. Our goal with Part 3 is to bring these characters to life as accurately as possible and celebrate Rand’s message.”

Official Trilogy Web Site:
Official Atlas Shrugged Community Forum:

About Atlas Productions, LLC
Atlas Productions, LLC. was formed by John Aglialoro as a motion picture studio to produce and distribute movies including the trilogy of Ayn Rand’s epic novel, Atlas Shrugged. For more information, visit

Friday, March 1, 2013

Atlas Shrugged Newsletter: March 1st, 2013; Galt's Gulch Goes Mobile

Atlas Shrugged Newsletter: March 1st, 2013

"In any compromise between food and poison, it is only death that can win. In any compromise between good and evil, it is only evil that can profit." - Ayn Rand

Galt's Gulch Goes Mobile

It's been a long time coming but, it's finally here. The official Atlas Shrugged Movie collective, Galt's Gulch Online, is now available on your mobile device.
Now you can escape to the Gulch on your iPhone, or Android mobile device, and keep up on all the latest with your fellow Gulchers and the Producers of Atlas Shrugged.
All you need to do is visit using your mobile browser to "install" the Gulch on your device. Make sure to add the Gulch to your home screen for quick access (watch a video on how to do this on an iPhone)

Visit Galt's Gulch Online now.


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Atlas Shrugged Part II Now Playing... Everywhere

If you haven't had a chance to watch Atlas yet, there's still time! Atlas Shrugged Part II is now available in major retail stores, iTunes, and On Demand.