Friday, September 2, 2011

September 2nd: Pre-Order the Atlas Shrugged DVD.

"A white rectangle hung over the city, imparting the date to the men in the streets below. In the rusty light of this evening’s sunset, the rectangle said: September 2."
- Ayn Rand, "Atlas Shrugged"

You didn't think we were going to let this day just slip by did you? We've been very hard at work and are extremely proud to finally present to you...


Please stop by the updated Atlas Shrugged Movie Merchandise page to check out some great new products - from the new "Film Cell" to the "Collector's 4 DVD Box Set", to the new "Deluxe Galt Collection", we simply couldn't be more proud.

Shop Now and Pre-Order the Atlas Shrugged Part 1 DVD.

EDIT: 09.02.11, 02:30PM EST - Answering the question as to whether or not we'll be releasing a blu-ray version - yes, we have every intention of releasing a blu-ray version. There is however no firm release date as of this writing and no guarantee it will arrive by year's end.