Thursday, August 29, 2013

Atlas Shrugged Newsletter: 08.29.2013; How Many Bricklayers Did Galt Invite to the Gulch?

Atlas Shrugged Newsletter: August 29th, 2013

"Here, we trade achievements, not failures—values, not needs. We're free of one another, yet we all grow together. Wealth, Dagny? What greater wealth is there than to own your life and to spend it on growing? Every living thing must grow. It can't stand still. It must grow or perish." - Ellis Wyatt

Hot in the Gulch

How Many Bricklayers Did Galt Invite to the Gulch?

Newcomer to the Gulch, Hiraghm suggests that Galt and the others in the Gulch were incapable of building their own homes, "Who paved their streets, dug their sewer lines?" Comment now...
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Where is John Galt?

Longtime Gulch Producer khalling writes "We have been witnessing, over my adult lifetime, the tearing down and dismantling of our society... have we thought about where the world will go when the motor has stopped?" Comment now...


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