Friday, January 10, 2014

Ragnar Danneskjold Returns for Atlas Shrugged 3

(Los Angeles, California) - January 10, 2014 - Atlas Distribution Company, LLC announced today that the character Ragnar Danneskjöld will be in the final installment of the Atlas Shrugged movie trilogy, “Who is John Galt?” after the long-time fan favorite remained mostly absent from the first two installments of the trilogy.

“There have been so many difficult decisions to make in adapting Atlas Shrugged, but I just couldn’t imagine an Atlas Shrugged Part 3 without Ragnar. Atlas fans are in for more than a few surprises this time around.” said Director, Jim Manera.

The movie trilogy follows the three-part structure of Ayn Rand’s epic 1957 novel, ATLAS SHRUGGED. “Who is John Galt?” takes place in a near future dystopian United States with the nation's economy quickly approaching collapse. While overreaching government regulations persist in strangling the country's few remaining entrepreneurs, society’s most productive have mysteriously disappeared.

“Atlas Shrugged: Who is John Galt?” is currently in pre-production with principal photography scheduled to start January 20th and release slated for mid September 2014.

Producer, Harmon Kaslow said “The final segment of the Atlas trilogy is without question the most compelling and intense and we’re very excited to finally be heading into production.”  

Atlas Productions also announced a contest to help design the Ragnar Danneskjöld logo as well as recently invited its online community to get involved in prop placement. “We’re all very proud to be working on Atlas Shrugged and we’re always looking for opportunities to invite Atlas fans into the process. We’re very much looking forward to seeing what they bring to the table for part 3.” stated Associate Producer Scott DeSapio. More information about the contest can be found at, and prop placement at,

The prior two Atlas Shrugged movies are currently available on DVD & Blu-ray, iTunes, or streaming on Netflix.

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