Thursday, May 8, 2014

Atlas Shrugged Movie Newsletter: 05.08.2014

Atlas Shrugged Movie Newsletter: 05.08.2014

"Today, intelligence is neither recognized nor rewarded, but is being systematically extinguished in a growing flood of brazenly flaunted irrationality." - Ayn Rand

Sneak Peek: Official ASP3 Teaser Trailer

The first official teaser trailer for Atlas Shrugged: Who is John Galt? will make its debut in theaters this June. The trailer showcases the work of world renowned sand artist and Atlas Shrugged fan Joe Castillo.
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Producers Only: Official ASP3 Storyboards

Go behind the scenes of Atlas Shrugged: Who is John Galt? like never before with the official film storyboards. We’re making these pieces of Atlas Shrugged history available for viewing exclusively to Galt’s Gulch Online Producers.

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New: Galt’s Gulch Gold Coin Bracelet

We are pleased to present the Atlas Shrugged Galt’s Gulch gold coin bracelet just in time for Mother’s Day. This charming bracelet features an exact replica of the coin used in Atlas Shrugged: Who is John Galt?
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