Thursday, September 4, 2014

Atlas Shrugged Movie Newsletter: 09.04.2014

Atlas Shrugged Movie Newsletter: 09.04.2014

“You seek escape from pain. We seek the achievement of happiness. You exist for the sake of avoiding punishment. We exist for the sake of earning rewards. Threats will not make us function; fear is not our incentive. It is not death that we wish to avoid, but life that we wish to live.” - John Galt

LIVE from the ASP3 World Premiere

Unfortunately, not everyone can attend the Atlas Shrugged: Who is John Galt? World Premiere in Las Vegas this Saturday. But, we've got the next best thing in store for you: VIP digital access.
asp3 red carpet c
We’ll be live streaming from the red carpet as well as tweeting throughout the event. See pictures, videos, and more by tuning in on September 6th.

Find out how you can tune into the ASP3 World Premiere in Galt’s Gulch.


Prepare for Opening Night with ASP1 and ASP2

The theatrical release of Atlas Shrugged: Who is John Galt? is only 8 days away! We’ve teamed up with FreedomWorks to stream parts one and two live on September 8th and 9th so tell your friends to gear up for the finale of this epic trilogy by watching ASP1 and ASP2.

Find out how you can watch ASP1 and ASP2 online.

akston mug

NEW: Akston Diner Mug

If John Galt had a mug in the Gulch, it'd probably be from his favorite diner.
Served with a side of philosophy, Akston Diner should be a stop on any road trip. Stop by now, before Hugh disappears, and take home a souvenir Akston Diner mug.

Get your Akston Diner mug now.

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Just When You Thought it was Over…

The ASP3 Post-It Challenge and Spread the Word Facebook Challenge live on! Keep plastering the world with “Who is John Galt?” graffiti and spreading the word about ASP3 on Facebook and you could win. Enter for your chance to earn $50 in merchandise cards each day.

Find out how you can help promote ASP3 and win in Galt’s Gulch.