Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Atlas Shrugged Newsletter: 07.07.15

Atlas Shrugged Newsletter: 07.07.15

"The basic premise of the Founding Fathers was man's right to his own life, to his own liberty, to the pursuit of his own happiness - which means: man's right to exist for his own sake, neither sacrificing himself to others nor sacrificing others to himself...." - Ayn Rand
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"Ideal" Hits Shelves Today!

Ayn Rand's new book (yes, you read that right) hits shelves today.
Written in 1934, Ideal is the story of a beautiful but tormented actress, Kay Gonda, accused of murder. Now on the run, she turns to six fans for help.
Ideal began as a novel but Ayn Rand later came to believe the piece would be better realized as a play.
Now, both versions of Ideal are available for the first time ever to the millions of Ayn Rand fans around the world.

Order Ayn Rand's "Ideal" now.

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PRODUCERS ONLY: Ayn Rand’s Handwritten Notes

In the 1960s, Ayn Rand made handwritten observations in the margins of Barry Goldwater’s new book.
These notes remained under lock and key until Atlas Shrugged Producer John Aglialoro purchased them in 1986.
Only once before have they been made public and only to Galt's Gulch Online Producers. In honor of Ayn Rand's new book, we are re-releasing them to Gulch Producers today.

Become a Producer and see Ayn Rand’s personal notes on The Conscience of a Conservative

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Christmas in July: Save up to 50% on the 20th Century Motor Cap

Christmas in July continues in Galt's Gulch Online with today's deal on theAWESOME 20th Century Motor cap.
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NEW Atlas Shrugged Trilogy eBay Auctions!

10 new props used in the filming of the Atlas Shrugged Trilogy are up for auction on eBay including the newspaper reporting the death of Cherryl Taggart.

See all of the items up for auction and start bidding now.