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Atlas Shrugged Newsletter: 04.19.18

Atlas Shrugged Newsletter: 04.19.18

"The most selfish of all things is the independent mind that recognizes no authority higher than its own and no value higher than its judgement of truth." - Ayn Rand

Little Pink House Hits Theaters Friday

Based on a true story, Little Pink House stars two-time Academy Award nominee Catherine Keener (Get Out, The 40-Year-Old Virgin) as Susette Kelo, the blue-collar nurse who mounts a historic fight against politicians bent on bulldozing her home and neighborhood.
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“Excellent filmmaking and a great message ... A wonderful way to learn about power wielded by ambitious politicians who are both ignorant and arrogant.” - John Stossel

Watch the Little Pink House Trailer Now

“A bite-your-nails true-story thriller featuring heroes, villains and a history-making struggle ... LITTLE PINK HOUSE will win the Oscar for best picture if Hollywood's political preening contains even a scintilla of sincerity about speaking truth to power.” - George Will
“Like ERIN BROCKOVICH for eminent domain.” - Village Voice
“Excellent performances … The bottom line—it hits a nerve.” - The Hollywood Reporter

Find a theater or learn how you can bring the film to a theater near you.

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